See more information on the SHAPE course via Rick Warren’s site. It’s SO important that people understand that every time we talk about “Ministry”, that we see this in the widest context… it’s not about what role you can find to do within your physical church, but what God has designed you for in the global sense, to be the best: physically, emotionally and spiritually!

1 Corinthians 12:12-27

My Score: S

Having undertaken an 138 question survey, we each produced a unique list of those specific ‘gifts’ that we excel at (recognisable in my past history)

My Score: H

My Score: A

My Score: P

For this exercise, I thought that I would come out as PEOPLE/UNSTRUCTURED, but I came out as TASK/UNSTRUCTURED (maybe that explains why I haven’t seen enough of my friends, as I always feel that I have to have completed my task before I can go out!), although to be fair although I was ‘maximum’ unstructured’, I was borderline on people/task, and some questions could have fallen either side!


Require roles with a degree of creativity and adaptability in order to produce the best results.


Require roles that give you the freedom to respond to people spontaneously.

My Score: E

A great number of experiences have shaped my spiritual journey, and the ones that came to mind on the day (and I am prepared to share publicly) include:

I would like to challenge others to take time out from formal ministry roles, and not to get stuck in roles. We need to find roles to fit people, rather than people to fit roles!

I just love to encourage people to share, and try out new things!!!


We are given the opportunity to ask others for feedback. All comments are moderated, so if you want to say something off the record, or I’m not comfortable publishing it, it will be held – but I will see it!

  1. What spiritual gifts do you think I  might have?
    (3 from: Organisation, Celibacy, Counselling, Deliverance, Discernment, Encouragement, Evangelism, Faith, Giving, Healing, Hospitality, Intercession, Interpretation of tongues, Leadership, Mercy, Missionary, Pastoring, Prophecy, Service, Teaching, Tongues, Voluntary Poverty, Wisdom)
  2. What do you think I’m particularly good at doing?
  3. What areas of my like seem to be ‘fruitful’?
  4. What 3 words best sum up my personality?
  5. What qualities do you particularly admire?
  6. What can you see stopping/hindering me using God-given gifts?

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