I am the Director of ‘Digital Fingerprint’, a social media consultancy that works particularly within the Higher Education and Christian sectors, where I have a strong Community of Practice, including providing digital literacy workshops for the Church of England and other organisations. I am a regular speaker at events, both academic conferences, and public Christian events in the UK and Europe.

I have over 15 years of experience in the digital environment, having built my first website for my PhD in 1997, which also looked at persuasion through mass-communications. I am an early adopter of social media tools, and have a particular interest in giving users the confidence to use social media for themselves, to see the possibilities, and to set them on the path with a mix of theoretical and practical advice. This site pulls together stories pulled from other readings, links to material created for/at speaking engagements, and the odd digital experiment!


Visit: http://digital-fingerprint.co.uk

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