I love today’s thought in #BigRead13 – the fact that whereas yesterday we had strong grief, today we have humour, laughter and all that comes with that!

“For jokes as well as justice come with speech”

New Living Translation (©2007) (Psalm 126:2)
We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, “What amazing things the LORD has done for them.”

Reminds me of:

WIth great power comes great responsibility. - Stan Lee

We have been given the powerful role of walking, talking. communicating creatures, and there’s so much we can do with others. Our responsibility includes making life more cheerful for people eh? Not always moaning about how busy we are (#notbusy – so I need to head home shortly and chill for a bit) but seeking the joy in life and seeking to share that joy. Reminds me again of thankfulness diaries (which happens to be @40Acts action for today too: ““Count your blessings, name them one by one”!). Partly why I love Anglican Memes so much – gives me regular chuckles! And the aptly named Merry is dragging me out to the pub tonight before I completely drown in work! Leave my brain free for #digitalparenting book research tomorrow 🙂

Remembering to laugh more is always good, but not in a false way, just being in situations that encourage laughter – and some of the worst situations can still cause laughter… even at funerals, watery chuckles reminds us of the good times with that person. God is with us in our pain, and in our laughter – pretty cool, eh?

The links continue as Brian Draper suggests that “But if we start this Lent looking for the best of what is, we will see more about seeing” – so we’re looking for the best, looking for the things to be thankful and joyful about .. whilst #lentphotos# looks for a space to reflect – again we could be reflecting on the good things – and I chose one that Brian had introduced me to! Whilst @pamjweb is inspired to seek ‘the imprint of God‘ in everything.


#Do1NiceThing Lent challenge for today – Call in on an elderly neighbour – take some cake, have a cup of tea and a chat… #OthersRWorthIt

Pray: We thank you that we can have times of laughter in our everyday lives, and pray also that we would remember that with that joy comes responsibility for justice.

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