So, the book was originally due end of May, then I set another deadline for last Tuesday, then yesterday, then tonight. It definitely needs more work, but it also needs reading by the editor, and it is a FULL DRAFT, if not a finished draft!

Honestly, in my mind it was rather like the Moonwalk. Weeks of preparation, building up resilience/content. The Moonwalk itself, people kept saying 26 miles, and I would say 26.2. That .2 was really really hard, as was doing the last four pages tonight! With the Moonwalk, once I’d finished, I knew I still had to walk to the Tube, and then another mile to a friend’s house (I tried for a taxi…). This is a full draft, but there’s still re-writes and final edits, etc. to go…, so it will be back with me all too soon!

See the book for pre-order on Lion Hudson or Amazon (and it will be available on Kindle later).

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