I had a quick chat with Premier on the News Hour yesterday, regarding this story – which has an interesting set of headlines on: MSN; BBC; Guardian; Telegraph

My thoughts pre-interview were:

  1. Agree need supportive digital environment, but needs govt, schools, parents, youthgroups, social media companies, etc. to all get involved, and definitely not just rely on schools
  2. Why I wrote RCIDA “hoping bad things wouldn’t happen” – need to be informed, get involved, and the centrality of CONVERSATION
  3. Soc med T&C needs to be better, for all age groups. Approve of a digital ombudsman, thought socmed companies should be doing this already. Can social media hide behind the ‘should be 13+ to be on there’, when it’s so clear such large numbers under that age online.
  4. So much media focus on negativity – helps parents feel powerless – e.g. November Ofcom released detailed report, a lot was quite positive, but the headlines weren’t (as this one isn’t either)
  5. Parents fears = inappropriate material (leave alone?), strangers (more often someone known, as has ever been, why conversation important to pick up quickly/be someone they want to talk to), bullying (yes a problem, but almost has become rite of passage) – don’t see solely as an online problem – happening ON the tech rather than (just?) because of it.
  6. Balancing resilience and vulnerability = key.

Comments on the above, which I’d posted on Facebook included:

Blog post including full interview here.

The full report is here, the online youth summit I referred to is here, and the event in Canterbury in February is here.

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