Simone Natale kicked off with The New Yorker published a cartoon in 1993 – “no one knows you’re a dog”, with the idea that the online makes it easy to hide your ID. Timandra Harkness indicated that is an updated version – zoom out and we can see the surveillance cameras giving ALL the data – the tech is already there.

John Downey from Loughborough’s Centre for Research in Communications and Culture highlighted what they were seeking to achieve with the interdisciplinary centre, focusing on empirical questions and normative questions: “what world should be like”.

Timandra Harkness (Website)

Kicked off with the first full session (Radio 4, author of Big Data: Does Size Matter?), Research Fellow at University of Winchester.


Tim Jordan (Sussex University)


Judith Aldridge (University of Manchester)



Nikos Sotirakopoulos

Wendy Grossman

Russell Lock

Sorry if any of it doesn’t make sense, I’ve tidied it up roughly, but notes were taken on iPad, which I think is now getting a little old!  Header Image – source.

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