The combination of endocrinology drugs that I’m on – tamoxifen and Zoladex at the moment, swapping to exestemene (sp?) in 6-7 weeks, means that I’m being pushed into an early menopause, with consequent risks of Osteoporosis. Today, therefore, I had a baseline scan on my bone strength. I’ve been told these are typically every 2 years now…

The first appointment was slap bang in the middle of a big meeting at work that I couldn’t rearrange, so when I rang up Weds, was not expecting it this morning. I have counselling at 11am though, so let’s get this out the way! As soon as I was told it wasn’t a cannula (twice they’ve failed to manage this!) I relaxed!

Made it in time, despite making sure that I was packed for Greenbelt later today – and did my ‘Selfie a day’

It’s #waitingroomfeet again for bone scan @christiecharity – then counselling – then #GB18 #cancerlife #madeitoutofbed

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Found department 63 (up a lift), and found reception. She asked if I’d filled in the (long) questionnaire – I said I hadn’t received it (realised after that it had come with the first appointment letter, but there was no reminder on the new time!) – so filled that in!

Shortly after, called in, weighed (don’t know, don’t want to know), height (163cm) – and how tall was I at age 25 – erm – same?! We then went to the DEXA scan room – more questions/checks – then realised that I usually wear leggings but trousers with a zip – so another lovely bum-exposing hospital gown! Was thinking bra not underwired so left that on – but of course it has clasps – but they seems to work around that.

I was in/on the machine for about 20 mins maximum – feet wedged around a block to scan the hips, then feet up on a (massive) soft block for spinal scan. Just pretended I was still snoozing whilst the machine moved around – sounding like a big photocopier. Then we were done, and I was able to come and get a bacon buttie from the Christie cafe whilst I wait for counselling (and the fire alarm testing was a joy).

DEXA scan done. Tip – don’t wear trousers with a zip, and bras have metal in the clasps …otherwise feels bit like sitting in a big photocopier! #cancerlife

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This was written on the phone, and edited to add images afterwards. 

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