As you may be aware, including from my BBC Radio 5 and BBC Radio 4 programmes, one of many things that has been disrupted by coronavirus, is cancer treatment – both initial diagnostics, and the ongoing treatment for those of us with incurable cancer …

Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Manchester

Anyway, Friday morning, I was up early to chat to Becky Want (and immediately fell asleep again) at just after 7:10am (go to 1:11, through to around 1:17):


The campaign still seems to be focusing a lot on primary diagnostics, but as you see what my friend Jo has been dealing with:

My Week

Last week I was en route to spend Greenbelt with my bubble family, which we enjoyed, and I got home in time to do ‘beer’ and hymns from bed! Returned on Sunday for ‘The Big Picnic’, which also happened to be 3 years since my first diagnosis of primary breast cancer, added my drawing of ‘dreams‘; and headed for a socially distanced/masked walk with Lee. Monday was bank hols, which I mostly napped and made chocolate mousse... before heading in for treatment on Tuesday:


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Here we are – Paclitaxel No 4. #WaitingRoomFeet #BusyLivingWithMets #StageIVNeedsMore

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Onto Wednesday with a bit more sorting and napping (and an unexpected phone check-in from my oncologist, who wants to me to visit for a check-in about 4-weeks), plus a big Zoom-chat, Thursday my cleaner came for the first time since February, and Andrew and Jane came for mousse! Friday/Sat was a little more tidying, another Zoom, and today I’ve mostly been watching ‘Away’, whilst trying to get my head out of it’s fed-up with drifting hair, skin breakouts, stomach malfunctions, never feeling like I have any energy – I really hope this treatment eases over time … not sure that’s a thing though!


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The faces of today – mostly watching ‘Away’ on Netflix – and couple more sets of drawers had a mini tidy … #BusyLivingWithMets #MiniWeep #FedUpOfBeingFedUp

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Anyway, onto the last episode of ‘Away’ … and it’s treatment time again tomorrow…

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