The last couple of days have really made my brain work… but I’ve really enjoyed the mix of sessions (strategic and practical), and been able to listen to a number of them whilst doing other bits and bobs, whilst capturing some of them for Twitter! It’s encouraging to se how much the Church of England digital work has moved forward over the last few years (I used to run training sessions at Church House, London, especially on ‘Social Media for the Scared’, and always felt more was needed).

I found the Whova app really straightforward to use (I’ve only used one other online conference platform – Hopin)… although of course there will have been work put into thinking how to use this well. I used a mix of the web platform and the mobile platform – and aside from having to manually connect to the audio for each session – it was easy to find each session in the agenda, and connect to the associated Zoom. I can look back at each session and see the Q&A and chats that happened down the side, though I never quite made it to the community chats (which looked very busy). Delegates could contact each other, upload photos, comment/enage (and there was a competition with scores for those who engaged the most) – and the slides were available at the end of the event – plus a few other bits of functionality.

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