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[MEDIA] Discussing Cyber-Bullying with David Peek on @UCBMedia / @UCBNewsTeam

Today, I spoke to David Peek, from UCB Radio, as we approach the end of anti-bullying week. A survey for #Antibullyingweek2020 suggests online bullying is up 25% in a year - but with more of us spending more time online, how real is this rise - and can we do anything to combat the issue? We spoke with @drbexl - listen ?: / @UCBMedia — UCB News (@UCBNewsTeam) November 20, 2020 Some of the…

[MEDIA] Cyberbullying: Protecting Your Child for @YCWmag

I've just written a short piece for Premier Media's Youth and Children's Work Magazine on cyberbullying, in the light of some recent reports: Ditch the Label has published research looking at children and young people’s experiences of being subjected to, witnessing and perpetrating bullying in online gaming environments Internet Matters has published findings from a survey of parents looking at their concerns about how children can experience cyberbullying differently based on gender and online…

[STORIFY] #LTHEChat Managing Negative Use of Social Media and Cyberbullying

This evening I 'led' a discussion on some of the complex issues surrounding negative behaviour online, including cyberbullying for Learning & Teaching in Higher Education Chat (#LTHEChat). Here's a visualisation of the tweeters involved in the conversation: Tweets collected here: [View the story "LTHEchat 52: Managing negative use of social media and cyberbullying, Dr Bex Lewis" on Storify]

Online: #LTHEChat: Managing Negative Use of Social Media and Cyberbullying

Guesting on this weekly online chat: an hour with 6 questions to stimulate conversation. We would consider questions related to the negative use of social media, and how to manage bullying on social media. This will draw upon thinking from regular participants, triggered by some material from my book Raising Children in a Digital Age, my experience in HE, and you'll see I've spoken on this kind of topic before.

#LTHEChat: Managing Negative Use of Social Media and Cyberbullying

This Wednesday, at 8pm (GMT), join the #LTHEChat conversation on Twitter as we discuss the topic of "managing negative use of social media and cyberbullying".. a topic that pretty much everyone I meet has an opinion on. Read the introduction to the topic (and after the event, the collected storify) on #LTHEChat. This was the most difficult chapter to write for Raising Children in a Digital Age, as there are no easy answers to what is perceived to…
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