It’s only 8 days since I last updated the blog, but – wow – does it feel much longer – just so much ( rubbish) going on – so Rox wrote me:

Kale scale of bad news

Kind of what I was expecting
A bit worse than what we wanted
Let me think about that
Emergency exit?

The Past Week

Friday, I managed a short socially-distanced walk with Suzanne – this is where we truly faced the breathing problems I have – so we stopped for a bacon barm – leaning on a couple of lampposts:

Enjoyed having some company from my bubble, and continuing my #OpinionMinutes, and Sunday enjoyed watching Andrew watch himself on Songs of Praise:

See the episode

So it’s nice to have a bit of good news. and Monday I was featured on Ticking Off Breast Cancer about surgery, and – even better – the bed company engineer visited and agreed that the bed was faulty (as Andrew had guessed, a bolt had fallen out, and then the ‘arm’ had twisted out of shape) – and it was fixed that day! So, this fits with another of Rox’s poems:

Kale scale of good news

Kind of what I was expecting
A new hashtag is born
Let’s accept this good thing
Everybody! Something good happened.

Also good news was seeing my podcast with Will Taylor come out, and participating on a panel with the Stronger Conference.

And I guess other good news, though it comes with all kinds of mental upset – is that it has been agreed that I will have a carer come for half-hour every morning to help me put my sleeve on

Oncologist Appointment

Wednesday it was time to head back to The Christie for multiple appointments

* Can’t believe after only 2 cycles of capecitabine this is a possibility…

**As neither of my arms can be used, apparently will be in my butt – lovely.


So the capecitabine (cape) – the only obvious side effects (aside from fatigue/sleepiness), is nausea – and we’re hoping to manage this better this time – with preventative lansoprazole in the morning, cyclizine 3 x day – and bedding the medication down with carbs (bagel, etc.) – so another poem from Rox:

Capecitabine with Kale (and Carbs)

Keep the carbs by my bed
And the love in my heart
Let the emotions wash over me
Exhausted, I persist.

The rest of this week, outside of conversations with palliative (we are now swapping from BuTrans to Fentanyl patches) and district nurses, has included long overdue chats with Leanne and Tansy, and Jane and I just enjoying a chilled afternoon whilst I try and take my mind off the constant shoulder pain – we did a very tiny walk!:

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