[CANCER] Scan Results Are Back .. and the tumours have shrunk.

I posted on Friday that I was expecting scan results next Wednesday (28th), but that my nurses yesterday (who can’t interpret/return the results) could see that they were on the system, so emailed my oncologist to ask if I could have the results any earlier. I missed two ‘no caller ID’ calls last night, and […]

[CANCER] Week 2 of Treatment … Resting AND Seeking to be #BusyLivingWithMets

Another week has passed since I last blogged about treatment – and I guess this is going to start getting repetitive, but at the moment, things are still changing… if more slowly! Friday/Saturday Gentle days – Friday/Saturday felt like all the energy had leached out of my body (that may be the sudden drop off […]

[CANCER] New treatment started … seeking to be #BusyLivingWithMets

So, nearly another week in cancerland has passed… and I’m on hold to an app ‘Push Doctor‘ to talk to a GP about indigestion and sleeping tablets – I’m in position 5, and not moved yet in the 5 mins been on hold – but this is fine – I have a feedback loop, and […]