I posted on Friday that I was expecting scan results next Wednesday (28th), but that my nurses yesterday (who can’t interpret/return the results) could see that they were on the system, so emailed my oncologist to ask if I could have the results any earlier. I missed two ‘no caller ID’ calls last night, and another this morning, but managed to feel my phone going off when out on my walk (4km+ today, I started today 2km behind, so that’s 0.9km caught up with)..

Anyway, on Saturday managed to find a table at an outside pub that ‘felt safe’ and met with a friend, Sunday, after Zoom church, went back to Abney Hall with my bubble, and Monday was treatment day… (number 11/18, likely ongoing ‘if working’).

Oncologist’s Call

I recognised Dr Chittalia’s voice as soon as he rang, and thankful to him for putting me out of my scanxiety sooner than next week. It’s was a fairly simple call

Call the GP

I’m just waiting for a video appointment on Push Dr with the GP, as oncology team want me to get a referral to:

And whilst I was writing that, that video appointment happened:

Managing Nausea?

It’s useful sometimes for me to keep track of where I’m at as we keep trying different things – but getting on top the nausea has been key – so last week was ondansetron for 48 hours (which requires Laxido – chemo may speed things up, this certainly bungs them up), dexamethasone for 1.5 days post-treatment, 2.5 days under consideration for the energy boost (which requires lansoprazole and gaviscon for the associated heartburn, and possibly sleeping tablets for the ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ effect), and cyclizine 3 x day preventatively. As I didn’t feel sick at all last week – we’re trying without the cyclizine (and it’s accompanying sleepiness) this week – and we’ll see! The haloperidol – we found some – but it’s off to the side for days when nausea may hit..

What Else?

So, what else, sometimes it’s useful to keep track… most spaces in my house look like a pharmacy is gradually creeping in .. trying to find the balance between tucking things away, and not creating extra work in having to get things out several times a day …

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