A sure-fire winner with everyone (especially me on My Birthday… yes, it’s my birthday today!)!


Meltall the above ingredients down in a large saucepan, on the lowest heat possible. SUGGESTION: Towards the end of melting time, try adding Maltesers!


Bash them up, and stir in until liquid is no longer sticking to the sides.

Butter a medium sized baking/roasting tray (any shape), and throw the mixture in. Flatten with the back of a spoon.


Melt it for a couple of minutes (max) in the microwave, and spread over the top.

Allow the chocolate to set (it can be placed in the freezer if you wish it to take less time!)

The cake is then ready to eat: Beware, it’s very rich!

This recipe is great for any occasion, it is quick to thrown together, and is not too expensive! You can experiment with other than digestives. I’ve tried Rich Tea biscuits, and my mother likes muesli. We have also tried the added ingredient of Maltesers – that works pretty well. Tell me your ideas.

e=mc2: Elation = Munching x Chocolate 2 !!!!!

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