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It was a merry band that gathered in Manchester last week for the final Digital Leaders North West meeting of 2015. The excitement was palpable, as we took our seats ready for the hottest debate of the year! Liz Copeland of Knowledge Hub guides us through what happened.

Our motion: This house believes that digital saves money, solves problems and delivers efficiencies.

Speaking for the motion was Roger Longden of There Be Giants, ably assisted in rebuttal by Richard Wood of Grain.

Speaking against the motion was MMU’s Laurie Cooper, ably assisted by Kevin Harrington of Results Through Digital.

We were reminded at the beginning of the debate that views represented by both teams were not necessarily their own particular opinions, but the aim of the debate was to produce a thought-provoking discussion and convince the audience to vote for one argument or the other at the end.

Read the full blog post/debate, and yes the comment about Africa was me talking about my Tearfund trip.

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