After so many dead robins appearing in my newsfeed, I thought I’d add a live one! My online Christmas card may be less effortful than last year – but here’s a few pics that I’ve enjoyed seeing appear in my newsfeed (with some random bits of news from me) to wish you a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2016…


I’m not into Star Wars (I know, shock horror!), but the jokes still make sense – especially all the Yoda ones! Would you go carolling with Yoda?


Meantime, you may have noted the ‘slight’ Christian tone to some of my posts … (and if you’re still short on some presents – try Gadgets for God) – so this Keep Calm ‘version’ seemed appropriate (see this piece I wrote back in 2012) … and yes, I am slowly making my way from turning my PhD into a book – book proposal written, more research being done, first two chapters in progress…

If you want to see a South-Park type version of ‘the Christmas story’ check this out (ignore the theologically incorrect Kings who are 2 years early):

Or attend Christmas services live via Periscope:


So I have loved this picture going around and round my Facebook reminding us to de-commercialise Christmas (as I see photos of people queuing in the supermarkets!)


I have to say that what with being made redundant, moving cities to new job, teaching many new units, enjoying socialising in Manchester, buying a house (for 2016), still doing lots of press for Raising Children in a Digital Age,  I’ve not been inventive this Christmas, but have been inspired to contribute further to Trussell Trust, Tearfund, and other charities (not to puff off, but to get you to check them out)…

The main treat this Christmas:there-is-just-not-enough-time-in-the-day-for-all-the-naps-i-want-to-take-quote-1

And knowing that 2016, like the last few years, is not obsessed with ‘can’t have this, that and the other’ (wrote about this here)
12371022_10153738246883955_3270673291486740052_o Now … Happy Christmas and click for a special treat….


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