So … it’s nearly the end of 2016! Hurrah, say many of you! So, it’s time for my e-Christmas card!

For the first time this year, alongside Advent material from Brian Draper and Embrace the Middle East, I’ve decided to do a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar‘, either to go to Trussell Trust, or a local charity I’ve become aware of – Re:dish, because one of the challenges of 2016 that there has been (aside from the global/celebrity stuff), is an increasing awareness of the importance of the #rethinksanctions campaign, especially in Manchester where homelessness is so evident.

And, a fraction late, we’re off #foodbank

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Another area of concern, looking after the refugees – as in the original ‘Christmas Story‘ – is well illustrated in this video:

Also reflected in @JustinWelby’s speech on #UKValues:

So, lots of prayers for those, known and unknown, in a year that has felt difficult on a global scale!

So, taking a lighter tone, just because I enjoyed this:

remembering this, of course, from the Muslim Council of Great Britain:


…. and on that note, hopefully in 2017, you’ll see publication of a book or two related to Keep Calm and Carry On, and my PhD thesis!


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