I’ve enjoyed reading Georgette Heyer since I was a teenager (it appears I am typical to be introduced by my mum around about the age of 10). I enjoyed the last conference in 2009, and was talking to Samantha Rayner about possibility of another one this summer … then I got cancer! She decided to run it late enough in the hope that I’d be well enough to go … and I was! The day before the conference, I read Georgette Heyer’s biography:

Georgette Heyer: Biography of a BestsellerGeorgette Heyer: Biography of a Bestseller by Jennifer Kloester
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Tomorrow I’m off to the second Georgette Heyer conference I’ve been to in my life. At the last one, this book was just going through the printing process – so it’s taken the spur of tomorrow to get round to reading this! I was introduced to Heyer by mum with Frederica and they are a default read (along with Harry Potter) for chilling out to – well written plots, funny humour, morally sound, etc. So I really enjoyed reading about her upbringing, way of thinking etc and the context that produced each of her novels! Fascinating!

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