As I’ve written on the page, which is for all of our friends to sponsor us:

Cancer has truly got in the way of my life since August 2017, when I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. After going through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormone therapy (documented on, I hoped that the ‘cancer treadmill’ was flattening out.

My colleagues and I, lecturers in digital marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University, therefore signed up to participate in this Swimathon. 8 of us, of differing swimming abilities, will be  swimming independently and then combining our swim distances together, to ensure that we’ve swum at least 10km between us.  This page offers space to donate on behalf of any of the team-members listed above.

Unfortunately, my cancer has metastasised into my spine (thankfully small), so I’m about to enter more treatment. I may have to do my swimming early, or my colleagues may have to cover my distance… an example of the flexibility and backing up that my team have given me throughout this process.

Join us for Swimathon 2019 – the World’s largest annual fundraising swim.

Support us here.

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