Poster Artists of the Second World War

This information supplemented information in the PhD thesis database, providing the history of the Second World War poster designers. It was expected that this information would be used in conjunction with the database, where the work of a particular designer can be extracted (filtered), although some artists are included within this list who have not been definitively attached to posters within the database. With information indicating that these artists were involved in graphic design over the period of the Second World War, and as so many posters are anonymous, these artists histories are included.

Important Note: This information has taken many hours to collate, so please credit this website should you use any of the information. Much information was also used in the Art of War website, National Archives. [Short URL:]

There is little biographical information available on some artists, whilst some is available on the following artists – some only one line, others are more substantial:

Note: I occasionally tweak entries. Any further information on artists is always gratefully received. Please notify me of any inaccuracies you may notice.

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[…] Although not specifically a biographer, I am looking forward to the debates coming through this website. For my PhD ‘The Planning, Design and Reception of British Home Front Propaganda Posters of the Second World War’, I was interested in the posters designers, and was keen to establish (albeit small) biographies of the artists, so that we could establish their perspective and ‘read’ that into the design. See all the artist biographies. […]

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