Life coaching gives you the opportunity to step back and take a look at your life, allowing focused time out to analyse your motivations and dreams, tuning into the possibilities and defining action plans for direction in life, with accountability to your life coach (see more on Bex).

As a coach, I believe that you have all the necessary intelligence, creativity and drive to move forward and succeed, but that you may require help in accessing it.

What’s the difference between life coaching, mentoring and counselling/other therapies?

Sometimes mentoring or counselling may be more appropriate, in which case the initial (or later) sessions with a coach will help identify this.

What are the benefits of coaching?

What does the coach contribute?

Can’t I just get the same from a book?

Successful coaches possess the following traits:

Regular sessions with a life coach provide accountability.

With the knowledge that your coach will want to see what progress you have made, you will feel inspired to work through distractions and fears and push yourself forward to the life that you’ve always wanted, but can only see through a fog.

All sessions with me, including any notes I may take, are kept strictly confidential

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