Happy Christmas to one and all, thought you’d enjoy this festive scene: Jesus-coke

I thought this stable was a little bare, so I added a donkey to it, and ‘the means‘ to help make another cow (using ££ I might otherwise have spent on cards/stamps)!

Resulting from a number of reasons (broke-ness, being abroad for several Christmas’, disliking the consumerist pressure), I limit physical Christmas cards to those I know would particularly appreciate it because not online (usually older relatives!), and my local neighbours as part of building local community … so this is my ‘digital contribution’ to your Christmas seasonal enjoyment (and if you want to read about political Christmas cards, check out Pete’s post on BigBible).

So does Christmas start with a dodgy jumper… or even a dodgy Christmas suit.. or is it all about the penguins?


Once again, I’ve joined in with #adventbookclub, and Brian Draper’s #Advent20 as for me #Christmasstarts with Christ… but what else ‘joyful’ can I find online for you – such as this wonderful nativity scene spotted on Facebook…


This #TommytheTiger take on that John Lewis advert (not forgetting the fuss about the Sainsbury’s advert):

and if you’ve got a little more time, check out The Nativity Factor entries (the one with the most views by 22nd December “wins”, although I think winning a weekend with professional film-makers would be prize enough for me!).

In case you’re wondering, I’m onto the third draft of the book proposal for turning my PhD into a book, so let’s see if we can get it out there next year, and Raising Children in a Digital Age has done really well (went to re-print after 4 months- and no, that doesn’t make me rich!):


I’m looking forward to this Christmas, although not getting overly caught up anything beforehand (aside from trying to meet deadlines), but for those of you for whom Christmas will be a difficult time this year (I’ve been there), there’s some useful advice in this article.

Mereth Veren e-Doled Eruion

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